2022 Activities

Live Shakuhachi

Unfortunately, there won’t be an in-person Sonoma Matsuri at Juilliard Park this year. We just can’t take the chance of creating an unintentional super-spreader event!

But we simply couldn’t wait another year to reach out and present a public event of some kind.

So here’s what we’ve come up with: Our former Matsuri Board Member, Mario Uribe, has offered us the small, outdoor stage at his bistro in the SOFA District called Cafe Frida and we’re going to do an afternoon show there on Sunday, May 15, at 3PM. But this isn’t going to be as ambitious an event as our yearly shows were at the Church of One Tree on the other side of Juilliard Park.

Yes, Elliot Kanshin Kallen will be there playing shakuhachi and, yes, his partner in crime Riley Lee is coming from Australia just for this and, yes, Elliot’s longtime shamisen and koto player Naoko will be there, too. But this is going to be a much looser, informal show.

To that end, we didn’t feel we should charge for tickets, so the event will be free.

HOWEVER, (and this is a big “however”), the seating will be limited to just 45 attendees. Yes, proof of vaccination will be required as will confirmation of a negative Covid test within a day of the event.

The only way to do this fairly is to do it as a reservation list so, first-come, first-served!

Please call 707-575-8626 to reserve your spot(s) for this mini-concert!

(Oh, and Cafe Frida will be offering a limited menu for purchase during the event.)

Elliot Kanshin Kallen

Short Videos of Japanese culture (forthcoming)

We plan to present some short videos of Japanese culture online. We will announce these as they appear on our mailing list. Please sign up for our email!

2021 Virtual Matsuri Japanese Arts Festival

The 2021 Matsuri Japanese Arts Festival was presented virtually. Click HERE to watch video from the festival.

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